Dutchy in Cornwall and the hairdresser


Does anyone know how many hairdressers we have in Bude? Have a guess… ten, fifteen maybe? Well hold on, there goes… Clip Joint, Liz Britton, Just Gentz, Bude Hairdressing, Phoenix Hair Design, Tiffanys Hair Design, Scissor Trix, Shine, Obsession Hair Art, Nicole, Singer Q, Deb ‘N’ Hair & Beauty, Salon Y2K, Hair Evolution, Johns Hairstylist, Cutz Ahead, M. Roland, W.E. Roe, Penleaze, and Colin Danks Hair Ltd.

Twenty-one hairdressers, and I’m sure I’ve forgotten one or two. That’s of course why people who live in Bude look so good. We all have our own personal hairdresser, (albeit that we have a bit more folks coming in during Summer).

From all of these hairdressers I know only one: Liz Britton. Liz used to have her own shop, next to the golf course. Unfortunately her lease ended, her landlord was being difficult and in the end the shop was closed. So now Liz is working without overhead. She hops around with her scissors and tools, she visits her clients at home, and she rents a chair in existing salons of her so-called competitors.

A little while ago, when I noticed in the mirror that it was time for a haircut, I phoned Liz. “Yes, Cora, I can book you in, coming Tuesday.” And Liz summoned me to come to the shop ‘Age and See’, Belle Vue lane. ‘Age and See’, what a funny name for a hairdresser-shop, I pondered…

So, at the appointed time I went to this little side street and looked for the shop. Nothing. Nada. Well, there is only this hairdresser at number 9, called ‘H & C’… Slowly the penny dropped.

The owners, Heather and Catherine, rent ladies hats as well. One of their walls is covered with all sorts of hats. Isn’t that good to know, for when the Ascot Races take place? (3rd September). Anyway, Liz did me a lovely haircut (we whispered softly, in case the rivals might hear how she did her job).

And all that happened about about six weeks ago… looking in the mirror now, I think it’s time for a fresh haircut. So I will call Liz, let’s see where she’s hanging out this time.

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