Duchy in Cornwall and the birds of love

A Fairy Tale

Once Steve told me the story of his mum, who died before Steve and I met. Her age was 84. Before she passed away, she said to Steve that she would send him a sign from the afterlife. And Steve accepted, sure, why not.

And a few months later there was this little blue tit, flown in through the open window into the bedroom, verstrikt in the curtains (vitrage). Steve said, ‘this was my mum’s sign. No question about it.’

We both knew, that Steve, with all his health issues, would go before me. And I said to him, ‘Okay, after you’re gone, you send me a sign, like your mum did with you. Promise me you will. And Steve said, ‘Yes, I will.’

And then Steve went… Late October. From that day I have looked out for a sign. But nothing occurred. I looked at the sky: Steve-in-heaven, you promised me a sign! Days went by, weeks, months. Nothing.

Then one day in early Summer, I found a blackbird, trapped in my cactus-greenhouse. The poor bird was panicking, I helped him out. Funnily enough I didn’t think anything about it. But a few days later I found a goldfinch trapped in the greenhouse. A beautiful little bird, with yellow wings and a bit of red on its head. And suddenly… it hit me: Oh! First Steve sent me a blackbird – I didn’t get it. So Steve must have thought, I’ll send the bloody woman a goldfinch and let’s hope that she gets it this time.

Yes, I know. You don’t have to tell me what you think that I should think. After all, we are down to earth. Keep to the facts. Two birds flew in, and that’s all there is to tell. I know. But, my dear friends, this man was my North and West and the rest. And it is a beautiful story, right?

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