Dutchy in Cornwall goes to the cinema


There’s a bunch of ladies in Bude, who go together to the Regal Cinema in Wadebridge (by car about 44 minutes away). The women form a little group. They always occupy the back row in the theatre. They make sure that row is theirs, so at least one of them arrives early. I feel privileged that they invite me when they go. One of them is Angie, a widow. Well, they’re all widows. I’m a widow. Angie is a character. She sings as a tenor in the Bude Choral Society. Every time when I met her in the past when I was still caring for Steve, for instance in the supermarket, she widened her arms and crushed me against her ample bosom. Because she felt for me, once she had been a carer too. And when Steve passed away, she gave me this advice: “Say yes to everyone who invites you! If they ask you to come over for a meal, say yes! If they ask you out for a walk, say yes! If they ask you to come over for taking out the fleas of their dog, say yes!”

This time the Regal Cinema offered a play by Terence Rattigan, ‘The Deep Blue Sea’. Performed in the National Theatre in London. A woman on the verge of a divorce, with a new boyfriend. The ex is a serious High Court judge and solid (but dull), boyfriend is a handsome former RAF pilot and is missing the excitement of previous times. He feels suffocated by the woman and is already looking elsewhere. So boyfriend decides to pack his things. He is leaving. The woman is scared shitless of being left alone. To be left entirely alone.

Although subtitles were absent, I was able to follow the whole story. Which is not always the case. When the characters speak in vernacular, or use accents, it’s hard for me to get all the subtleties. But not this time. I didn’t miss anything. When a play is well performed, you can identify yourself with one of the protagonists. Well, I did. I know now what it is, to be alone. But, I don’t feel scared. Not one inch. Because I feel surrounded by a whole group of kind, sweet, caring friends.

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