Dutchy in Cornwall goes to the tea garden


What a lovely day is was, yesterday. A bit of a cold wind, but bright and sunny.

First I went to the hairdresser, Liz. She was positioned at H&C. There was a relaxed atmosphere. Heather told us all about her encounter with Omar Shariff, just before he died. She spotted him in the aeroplane. He was seated in the front of course. Heather felt so excited that she had to go to the loo. On her way she just couldn’t help herself: she addressed the famous actor and told him she was a big fan, what a wonderful person he was, how nice to meet him… ”And you, my dear”, Omar replied. He took her hand and looked her deep in the eyes, with his stunning, pervasive gaze. Heather didn’t wash her hand for a week.

Haircut done, thanks again Liz, I went to the post office where I would meet up with my neighbour and friend Gail. Our plan was to do a walk to Northcott Mouth, about 45 minutes from Bude, over the cliffs. Gail had one of her collies with her. In the past she has been breeding collies. She had lots of litters. Nowadays she slowed down a bit, two collies left.

The ocean looked gorgeous. In front of us a kestrel, hanging very still in the air.

We reached ‘Margaret’s Rustic Tea Garden’. A big, white camper in the middle of a beautiful garden with picnic benches. Gail was thinking of having a sandwich, but in an impulse I decided to go for the cream tea. Cream tea with a cappuccino instead of tea. Very tempting, and Gail joined me in my luscious whim. Margaret was ever so friendly. Laughing and chatting. Her tea garden will stay open until half October.

We picked ourselves a bench, and enjoyed the scenery. Margaret had been very generous with the clotted cream. Now where is the scone, somewhere underneath… When we walked back, we both felt a bit sickly…

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