Dutchy in Cornwall is having a Menday


Around nine o’clock yesterday morning Robert Freestone knocked at the door. Rob is a well-known plumber and heating specialist. I found him through word-of-mouth. Because my boiler is about 17 years of age, I’m seriously thinking about a replacement. Rob is happy to give me a new boiler. He had a quick look in the attic and we picked a date for him to deliver. He’s a good-natured man.

Next John arrived, my technical advisor. We have become good friends. He brought me a courgette from his greenhouse; I gave him three apples from my apple tree and a bar of chocolate from the chocolate factory (Banoffee). Since the weather seemed promising we made a placing-shelf-in-shed plan. I pointed out to him the height of the shelves, and John looked for my saw to do the job.

A while later I went to my neighbourly friend Gordon, to see if he was around. He was. I gave him a chocolate bar too (Sea Salt) and he made me a coffee, accompanied by an Eccles cake. In the garden were busy his gardener friends Jen and Rob. After they said their goodbyes Gordon and I talked about life. In particular how busy life can be when you live on your own and you have lots of visitors and guests. All the work around it… On rainy days Gordon needs to take the washed bed linen to the launderette to dry.

After that I went into town and popped in at Morwenna Café. I said hello to my friend Rudi, the owner. He came out of his kitchen for a chat. About how busy the place is nowadays between 4 and 7 (pm of course).

Next I went to Dan Dollin’s computer shop. To talk about my latest adventure, Facebook and being blocked for a day. Dan promised to come by on an evening next week for inserting a backup device into my computer. He will do it for me, because I’m too undexterous to do it myself. I’ve sent Dan an invitation to become Facebook friends.

Oh, I’m fond of my fellow men. They’re sweet to me. They are first-class and hunky-dory.

I finished this pleasant day with my neighbour-friend Melanie. We had a meal and a glass of wine in Preston Gate Inn. And we talked about… was it our stamp-collection?

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