Dutchy in Cornwall is locked out


When Steve and I came to live in Bude in 2010, Steve immediately sent in a request at the Tourist Information Centre for a beach hut. They put us on a waiting list. Then, five years later, we had our beach hut (a rental of course). It is one of the first newly built huts, handed over to us last year in August. Not in spotless white but with a woody radiance and a blue front.

Before I was given the key I had to sign serious-looking forms about good behaviour. I had to pay a surety. I was told that I was responsible for maintenance. I was told I was allowed to decorate its interior, but only after I was given permission about the colours. And finally, I was told I had to organise my own padlock. So I did.

Within a month however, I had problems in opening the door. The padlock was rusted. Therefore I went to Truscott, the Ironmonger in town and they showed me a nifty little lock for the price of only £19,99 Now imagine, with a beach hut exposed to rain and salt air and gales of wind, how many times in a year one has to change their padlock… Not a cheap hobby. So I thanked the lady in Truscott and had a look in the Bude DIY-shop instead, opposite the road. They showed me a huge basket standing on the floor, filled with padlocks, £1 each. Take your pick. I bought a handful and can open and close my beach hut as much as I like.

Now yesterday something similar happened to my facebook account. I could not open it. My account was rusted. The reason was that someone had posted an untitled video on my timeline and regrettably I clicked on the post in an attempt to remove it. In vain, and the harm was done. Therefore facebook management blocked my account for a day. I used my free time to google a bit of information about what to do.

Luckily it was not my whole computer system that was infected. I do have virus-protection software installed, of course. But even then you can still be at risk, such as when you don’t automatically get updates to protect you from the latest threats.

The thing is, if you’re hit by a virus that creeps into your computer, the wisest thing you can do, is reinstall, they say. So, before using your computer again, you need to restore your computer to its original condition. And there is the catch: you will lose any applications you may have installed. That’s why you need to make updates.

I must confess that up till now I never did. I just didn’t bother. I’ve learned from this mistake. I will make back ups from now on. To prevent future attacks. I will never open strange emails. I won’t click on suspicious – looking videos ever again. Today I will rush to Daniel Dollin of Bude Computers, or better, Dan my computerman, for an update-toolbox-thingy.

I’m pleased the door is open again.

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