Dutchy in Cornwall wants to join something


It is said that in a small town people know each other. Do we really? Bude has about 9.900 residents (according to stats 2011), therefore, how can we really ‘know’ each other…

There are of course innumerable ways to mix in. Bude has many clubs like the U3A (University of the Third Age), WI (Women’s Institutes), RLNI, Life Boat, Bude Music Society, Singing groups and choirs, Bell Ringing Group, Bude Pilot Gig Club, Bowling, Golf Club, Line Dancing, etc. Moreover we have circles like the Neetside Practice, the shop-owners, various churches and the Mayor and politics (do we actually have a Mayor?)

In every community you have colourful local characters (or ‘Legends’). I’d love to get to know some of them. Or, should I make my own selection of local flamboyant personalities…

Take for instance Nikolas. His hobby is taking pictures in and around Bude. They are stunning. During his active life he used to be a jack of all trades. Nowadays he runs the facebook group Alternative Bude Banter. Nikolas is fond of language and its etymology, always curious where a word comes from. Therefore, he loves googling.

He is also a member of the RAOB ( Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes), one of the largest fraternal organisations in the United Kingdom. The order started in 1822 and is known as the ‘Buffs’ to members. The RAOB organisation aids members, their families, and helps other charitable organisations. The Order’s motto is “No Man Is At All Times Wise”. It has has a Rule Book, Manual of Instruction and Ceremony Lectures. The ‘lodge’ description for branch organisation was adopted in imitation of Freemasonry.

Sounds interesting but I’m not allowed to join. Nikolas didn’t want to share with me all the details. Fair enough, it’s a boy’s thing. Besides, I prefer to connect with genders of all kinds and ages. Let’s wait and see.

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