Dutchy in Cornwall attends the Conference of the British Dowsers


A whole weekend with 150 dowsers in Newport Pagnell. A German professor came over from…, yes Germany, others flew in from Portugal, Mumbai. Lectures were given about pendulums, holograms and the entropy of black holes, electro-smog, Tibetan monks, Archaeo-astronomy, and earth-singing in the landscapes of Cornwall. I attended workshops. All meals were included. And, very important, the Bar. We all had a name-badge, newbies like me recognisable by a purple dot next to their name.

For those of you who don’t know what a pendulum is, a pendulum is a little device of crystal, metal or other materials, suspended on a chain, used in divination and dowsing. The user first determines which direction (left-right, up-down, or clockwise and anti-clockwise) will indicate “yes” and which “no”, before proceeding to ask the pendulum specific questions. The pendulum may also be used over a pad or cloth with “yes” and “no” written on it and perhaps other words written in a circle. The person holding the pendulum aims to hold it as steadily as possible over the centre and its movements are held to indicate answers to the questions.

How does dowsing really work? Is it a leftover ability that primitive man needed to ensure he could find water, food and shelter? Or is it a gift from the higher realms? No one is absolutely certain. But how about this: we all exist in a universe filled with energy. Every living organism is surrounded by various types of energy. Animals can sense positive and negative energy. Salmon rely on it to return to their birthplace, birds use it for migration. We humans can have premonitions too. For example, sometimes when we enter a room with people, we can feel the atmosphere is tense. Call it a ‘sixth sense’ or intuition, or sensory perception.

Keynote speaker Sandie talked about pendulums from Egypt and France. The French have their own approach. They focus on the form, the shape of the pendulum and not on mental questions by the dowser. Now why is that? First a bit of history:

In 1798 the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte undertook an expedition to conquer Egypt. With him went a group of 167 scientists (mathematicians, naturalists, chemists). Their discoveries included the Rosetta Stone and many artefacts, like ceramic pendulums, found in Egyptian tombs. (You can see them in the Louvre in Paris)

Then, in the early and mid twentieth century, French physicists and engineers were investigating the energy emitted by these pendulums. From these they developed a range of Egyptian pendulums. They went on to explore and created Scientific Energy pendulums. These tools can detect the frequencies and the quality of energetic emissions from people, objects and places. They can also be used to correct imbalances or to create beneficial energies. Some specialised pendulums can remove curses and black ‘spells’.

What a fascinating lecture this was. Sandy demonstrated a whole series of these pendulums! Afterwards the audience was allowed to use them, and of course I tried them out.

Now back home I will explore my dowsing skills,. I will dig out what’s there to be found. I will participate in the dance of life in all its glory.

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