Dutchy in Cornwall goes to an Evening of Mediumship


It all started with my weekly shopping trip, escorted by B&S Taxis. Mike was the driver. I had to tell him to cancel my next time, because I will be away for a number of days. “Where are you going to?” Mike asked. “I’m going to Milton Keynes”, was my answer. Wow, that’s exciting. Had I ever been to Milton Keynes before? Yes, once. They have an Ikea. “This time, however”, I said, “I will be going to a conference. The annual conference of British Dowsers. Rods and pendulums. Lectures given by Ph.D people. I want to have a look around.”

“So, are you interested in spirituality?” Mike broke the silence. A good question. “Well”, I said, “kind of. I’m having my doubts of course. But I’d like to investigate their way of thinking.” “Hmm, there’s something happening in the Falcon Hotel tonight, about Mediumship”, Mike mused. “I read it on Facebook”.

Mediumship? What’s that about? As soon as I got home after the shopping I went online and had a google…

Thus, last night, I found myself amongst fifty, sixty people, young and old, listening to two psychic ladies. Eileen from Bude, and Nicky from Tiverton. They took it in turns. They chose people from the audience and told a bit about the spirit that was hanging around them. One, two, three sessions passed. Then Eileen sensed among the people where I was sitting the spirit of a man, definitely not a woman, who had suffered during the time he passed away from frailty in the legs. Did anyone of us recognise such a person? Oh yes, I did. Aha. Did he like his bread and butter? Fond of his beer? “Cider”, I corrected her. “Okay, that’s fine. He says to me, there’s a celebration in October coming up? Does that make sense to you?” “Yes”, I answered, he passed away in October, around the time we had our wedding day”. “Okay, he says you were two of a kind, is that right?” Yes, we were.
“He had a difficult life? But he was always smiling?” Yup. “Is there a train journey coming? Eileen wondered. ” I nodded. “Well, it will be fine, he will be around. And, he says, don’t take it all so serious,” Eileen concluded.
Thanks, Eileen, thank you.

So, I’ll be off for a few days. I’m going by train to Milton Keynes. To see what dowsing is about. And I won’t take it too serious.

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